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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Let's assemble new Netflix." says Dish TV?

OK. I had knocked the right door when I heard about the bankruptcy filing of Blockbuster back in the last year.   Looking at the swaggering stock performance of Netflix over the last two years, I thought of a potential deal of buying Blockbuster. And Dish TV has finally done it. With that, an array of acquisitions in media & cable industry continues.

I believe the impetus behind this $320mm deal is:

  • Blockbuster has phenomenal collection in their library and it used to reign the movie rental market cleanly just before Netflix started to expand exceptionally.
  • Looking at such potent parameters, distressed value of $320mm seems like a handsome investment.
  • Subscribers do not need broadband connection to play content offered by Dish TV. This factor may become critical after AT&T and other broadband providers start putting "already announced" cap on internet usage.

If you cannot compete with expeditious NFLX, you have to build new NFLX. I will not be surprised if Dish TV has this gimmick behind the scenes.