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Monday, June 27, 2011

How long can you put on your 3D glasses?

When I graduated from high school, I and one of my friends went for IMAX 3D "show". I did not write "movie" because it was a 30 minutes educational/ informative documentary which we always find here in museums. It was expensive. And rare! Times have changed. Now every Friday, we get at least one movie in 3D to spend our wealth on.

Before 3-4 years, when releasing movies in 3D was not as normal as it is now, it started to change the definition of movie watching on the big screens. Stumbling Regal Entertainment Group & AMC Theatres during the painful recession got some room to breathe. Rapid rise of 3D movies boost the earnings for Regal Group, RealD and the hopes for an IPO for AMC. Entertainment sector was almost back on the track with the 3D hits like Toy Story 3, Avatar, Transformers and Harry Potter. Then AMC postponed their IPO plans. Why?

  • 3D Burnout- Excess leads to an destruction. Well said! Burnout is the term often used during mortgage refinancing phase for prepayments. When rates are low, you refinance the loan by prepayments. After few years, when rates become lower again, you have nothing much left to refinance. Same applies here. 3D movies and its craze cannot be placed in the category of sustainable items.
  • Online movie providers- Ah! Internet is killing everyone. Surge in the paid subscription based online movie providers like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube have clearly staged their competition with these entertainment giants.
  • 3D TVs- Dance until music stops. And that is the reason why we can see the brand new isle of 3D TVs at Best Buy or Wal-Mart stores. 

RealD does many innovative things. It recently launches "Wimbledon 3D" for 2011 Grand Slam. Beautiful. Wimbledon 2011 is still in progress, but still RealD stock is suffering today. Why? It is because of less than expected, not poor, box-office performance of Cars 2 which also released in 3D during last weekend. It is a lovely example of positive correlation, isn't it?

Let's see how long we are able to witness the entertainment industry's fight against sustainability and volatility.