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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stepping Stone for Social Media IPOs...

One of the interviewers asked "If you have money to invest in, which stocks you buy?" And I responded "I would have said Netflix if you had asked me the same question few months ago, but now I like LinkedIn. I am waiting for their IPO." Yes, LinkedIn it is. Investors are waiting for Thursday, May 19, 2011 when LinkedIn is likely to hit NYSE.

When you have faith in a company's operations, culture, financials, policies and strategies; you will see your money being secured while investing in it. It is all about confidence factor, but not about following the herd. One of my friends said that this stock is going to make you wealthy and all variations thereof, never work in long-run. Such sort of investor confidence is provided to LinkedIn. And that is the reason why they have raised the size of their IPO twice after their announcement in January 2011. Per recent announcement of their IPO size, stock will likely to trade between $42-$45 and valuation will be around whopping $4 billions.

Why not? If company believes in their chores and realizes the lustrous confidence of investors, it should ride on it. Personally, I have faith in LinkedIn and that is why I gave that response to an interviewer. LinkedIn is a part of  bullish social media industry, but it may be the only company who is providing the professional networking. Their business model seems clearly different than what Facebook, Twitter and others have. They connect recruiters, companies and job seekers in the unique ways.

Stepping stone. LinkedIn being the first social media company in the US who is going public this week, provides some efficacious groundwork for potential future IPOs of Facebook & Groupon. LinkedIn's valuation is certainly way lower than what Facebook and Groupon are valued at. But their post-IPO stage may deliver few twists in this household industry.

... "what is LinkedIn and why is it so hyped?" I hear such questions from professionals of the industries where vacant jobs are more than number of job seekers. The only key limitation I consider in the business model.