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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Head to China and Enhance the Ubiquity

Rumors. Rumors. And more rumors. Once you are on the top of the tree, you will likely to hear all sort of rumors surrounding you. Social media is the new, intangible household material and the most bullish industry sector. Rumors follow it. Facebook rules that industry. More rumors follow it. News feed is considering Facebook deal with Baidu to reenter China as blockbuster rumor. Facebook may have dealt with some local social network to enter China again after it was banned in the July 2008. No news has been confirmed by either Facebook or Baidu. But I can see handsome & strategic implications behind this.

As of June 30, 2010

Facebook undoubtedly reigns the social networking. It has becoming more ubiquitous with every sunrise. But because of China's ban on Facebook, it is still unexposed to the biggest Internet usage market in the world. If Facebook collaborate with some local social network there as stated in the news, it may have been turnaround for them. Facebook may be household name in the market of nearly 1.5 billion people. And this Chinese Presence may help Facebook to flourish revenues and amplify its already whopping valuation. If such thing happens before Facebook's possible IPO, I   can imagine some record setting numbers for IPOs.

After these rumors, we should not be surprised to see manifold bankers to visit Mark Zuckerberg and other considerable heads of Facebook every now and then. The Chase is going to be earnest and pungent...

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